How To Properly Store My Cigars

Why is Proper Cigar Storage Important? There are few things more heartbreaking than spending a small fortune on cigars, lighting one up and realizing that something has gone wrong. Maybe it’s bitter or won’t stay lit. Perhaps the burn is too fast, the wrapper has unraveled or it has become moldy. Improper storage can cause […]

1792 Single Barrel Review

Name of manufacturer: Barton 1792 DistilleryName of bottle: 1792 Single BarrelLocation: Kentucky, USAAged: NASProof: 93.7Cost: About $30.00Design of bottle/label: Elegant in reflective goldColor: Amber Our Tasting Notes: 1792 Small Batch Bourbon is a nicely priced premium bourbon that achieves its distinctive nose and complex flavors from its unique high-rye recipe. Named for the year Kentucky became a state, 1792 is the flagship whiskey of the […]

Elijah Craig Small Batch Review

Name of manufacturer: Heaven Hill DistilleryName of bottle: Elijah Craig Small BatchLocation: Kentucky, USAAged: NASProof: 94Cost: About $30.00Design of bottle/label: Elegant in reflective goldColor: Copper Our Tasting Notes: Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon is a perfectly aged 94 proof, blend of corn, rye, and malted barley batches from Heaven Hill Distillery that offers a well-rounded, palatable and pleasant sip at an increasingly rare yet affordable price point, […]

Four Roses Single Barrel Review

Name of manufacturer: Four RosesName of bottle: Four Roses Single BarrelLocation: Kentucky, USAAged: NASProof: 100Cost: About $40.00Design of bottle/label: Classic shaped with logo embossingColor: Amber Our Tasting Notes: This is a high-rye, single barrel bourbon known for its complexity and full-flavored punch. At the same time, it’s surprisingly smooth.  Four Roses Single Barrel is 100 proof but don’t let that deter you — […]

How To Smoke a Cigar – Cigar Basics

How to Smoke a Cigar  From family parties to days at the racetrack, there are many occasions that feel perfect for a stogie. But if you have limited experience you might find the process a bit intimidating. You see people cutting cigars and appreciating them like a fine bottle of wine. They puff with an […]

How To Store Your Opened Whiskey

Preserving a Bottle of Whiskey Once Opened As your grandfather always said — waste not, want not. Especially when it comes to Whiskey! If you are new to drinking whiskey there is probably a few things you don’t know about the liquor. For starters, there are many different kinds of whiskey. You can buy Scotch, […]

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